Statement on Atlanta shootings

Statement on Atlanta shootings


Stop AAPI Hate: Together, we must work to stand in solidarity and stop AAPI hate and all hate crimes against people of color. On Tuesday, March 16th, six Asian American women were killed in a series of violent attacks in Atlanta. 

We are deeply saddened and stunned by the alarming rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans since the onset of COVID-19, and many of these attacks have disproportionately affected women. Asian American women, desi women, and women of color are objectified and dehumanized to the point where women are being killed by the combined forces of prejudice and violent misogyny. 

The desire to control women is rooted in misogyny and racial prejudice, which combine to fuel violence against immigrant women and women of color. Asian American women are too often portrayed as or expected to be submissive and treated as objects rather than human beings with agency, which has violent consequences that harm our communities

As South Asians, this affects all of us and we must stand in solidarity and work to protect vulnerable members of our communities including immigrants, women, working-class individuals, and all those who are silenced. According to a study conducted by Dr. Melissa Morja at the University of Michigan, women were the victims in 61% of anti-Asian attacks in 2020. These attacks are both racialized and gendered, and we must stand together in solidarity, coalition building, and work towards protecting our communities and our women. This affects all of us and we must give a voice to the voiceless. #StopAAPIHate.

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