SAAPRI Leads DACA-DAPA Outreach Coalition

SAAPRI Leads DACA-DAPA Outreach Coalition

SAAPRI Leads DACA-DAPA Outreach Coalition

SAAPRI is proud to lead the award-winning Chicago South Asian Deferred Action Coalition, partnering with Indo-American Center, Apna Ghar, & Chicago Desi Youth Rising on conducting outreach and education about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA).

2016 Election: The Way Forward With Resolve And Resilience

On November 9, 2016, we woke up to the reality of a deeply divided voter base, with almost an equal number of voters supporting divergent, even opposing visions for America’s future.

The election outcome has left many, especially in the South Asian American community, in fear and uncertainty. South Asian American Policy & Research Institute (SAAPRI) is dedicated to ensuring that community members feel safe and supported in the face of divisive rhetoric or policies that may pit communities against each other.

SAAPRI, as a member organization of the South Asian Deferred Action Coalition (SADAC, which includes Apna Ghar, Inc. (Our Home), Indo-American Center and Chicago Desi Youth Rising – CDYR), will continue to push for responsible, equitable immigration reform that supports all of our community members, including those who are undocumented. SADAC will also continue to connect those in need with available community, municipal, and state resources.

Further, in this troubling climate of fear and intimidation, SAAPRI joins SADAC in our commitment to create safe spaces for community members and in advocating for protections for those who are the targets of hate crimes.

SAAPRI is proud of the mobilization efforts of so many community members in this election and that energy will not be lost. We will work with community partners and in solidarity with other organizations to focus on the 2018 elections, and ensure that our communities maintain their civic engagement and fight for policies that further our interests.

Indian Americans alone are the second largest undocumented population in Illinois, second only to Mexican American undocumented immigrants. Read these stories from India Abroad, WBEZ, Desi Talk Chicago/News India Times, Alton Daily News, and Hola Ciudad to learn more about undocumented South Asian Americans in Illinois.

The executive action announced by President Obama on November 20 will touch the lives of and provide relief for many South Asian immigrants from a diversity of backgrounds – including undocumented parents of citizens or legal permanent residents; childhood arrivals; victims of crimes and trafficking; high-skilled workers and their spouses; and foreign entrepreneurs and students. However, this action is partial and temporary and shows that long-lasting comprehensive immigration reform is still needed.

SAAPRI thanks the Illinois Immigrant Funders Collaborative, Woods Fund of Chicago, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation, Four Freedoms Fund, and South Asian Americans Leading Together for their crucial support of this work.

The Chicago South Asian Deferred Action Coalition has issued a press release on the Supreme Court decision on DACA+/DAPA. Here is News India Times’s coverage of the Coalition’s response to the decision.