SAAPRI welcomes new Executive Director, Reema Kapur

SAAPRI welcomes new Executive Director, Reema Kapur

Reema Kapur (left), SAAPRI’s incoming Executive Director and Ami Gandhi (right), SAAPRI’s outgoing Executive Director

Serving as SAAPRI’s Executive Director since October of 2011, Ami Gandhi has decided to step down from her role. She will be leaving at the end of June of 2015 to raise a family and eventually seek new professional opportunities.

Under Ami’s leadership, SAAPRI has:

  • led the DACA-DAPA coalition with a range of partners;
  • helped pass anti-hate laws;
  • advocated for the implementation of the first ever language access programs for Indian American voters; and
  • published several reports ranging from civic engagement to voter trends

We are grateful for her years of service and appreciate all the work she has done as the first Executive Director of SAAPRI. With Ami’s leadership, SAAPRI’s reach has grown in breadth and scope in a short time, and we are very proud of her accomplishments. We expect to continue this growth in the coming years with our new leadership.

Reema Kapur, SAAPRI’s incoming Executive Director, and Ami will work together as co-Executive Directors during the month of June in transition as Reema takes over the reins of SAAPRI in July.

Reema brings ten years of experience as an attorney focused on business and employment litigation. Most recently, Reema was a senior labor and employment attorney specializing in complex litigation. Throughout her career, Reema has been committed to community service, seeking meaningful opportunities to promote diversity and civic engagement, and professionalism.

In her new role, Reema looks forward to meaningful community engagement including strong partnerships with community organizations, community leaders, and South Asian community members.