SAAPRI Milestones

  • SAAPRI partners with Kalapriya to put on “Ahimsa: The End of Violence” performance
  • SAAPRI Leadership Forum: SAAPRI convenes Leadership Forum attended by South Asian-facing organizations, community leaders, and business persons to examine civic participation among the South Asian American community.
  • SAAPRI co-sponsors “Have We Built Asian American Power?” AAPI Civic Engagement Panel
    SAAPRI joins and leads Chicago South Asian Deferred Action Coalition

  • Mapping South Asian-Serving Institutions in Illinois
  • SAAPRI joins Asian American and Arab American Collaboration on Deferred Action (A4CDA)
  • Report: Voter Registration, Activation, & Engagement in South Asian American Communities in Illinois
  • SAAPRI co-hosts Roundtable on Administrative Immigration Relief
  • Focus Group Research on Preventing Violence Against South Asians at Retail Stores
  • Chicago South Asian Deferred Action Coalition, led by SAAPRI, receives a SAALT’s ChangeMaker Award for significantly advancing social justice among South Asians in the US
  • Report: Illinois Embraces EDR: A Review of the Illinois Election Day Registration Pilot Program for the 2014 General Election
  • SAAPRI facilitates event at University of Illinois at Chicago on resources for undocumented South Asians students
  • SAAPRI hosts Idli & Immigration: Strategy Session event
  • SAAPRI co-hosts Chicago Town Hall on Anti-Muslim Religious and Racial Profiling
  • SAAPRI leads workshop at the Office of the Governor’s Commemoration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • SAAPRI joins and leads Chicago South Asian Deferred Action Coalition (SADAC)
  • Report: South Asian Americans in Illinois: Making Data Count
  • SAAPRI hosts Idli and Immigration event
  • SAAPRI hosts public panel discussion on immigration reform
  • Journal Article: “South Asian American Civic Engagement: Opportunity for Impact,” published in the DePaul Journal for Social Justice
  • Report: The Asian American Community Engagement Project: Voting Trends and Access in 2012
  • SAAPRI Conducts Exiting Voting Research on Asian Americans
  • SAAPRI helps draft and push for anti-hate resolutions in Illinois and Chicago
  • SAAPRI assists local election boards in implementing the first ever language assistance program to Indian American voters in the Chicago area.
  • Report: Social Capital in Illinois: Potential and Pitfalls
  • SAAPRI hosts a White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAPPI) community roundtable
    SAAPRI successfully recommends FBI to expand and improve categorization of hate crimes
  • Oral History Exhibit: Memories and Milestones
  • Report: Developing Devon: Creating a Strategic Plan for Economic Growth through Community Consensus
  • Oral History Project: Collected the oral histories of South Asians from interviewees from downstate Illinois and beyond the Chicago metro area
  • Report: Making Data Count: South Asian Americans in the 2000 Census with a Focus on Illinois
  • Oral History Project: Collected the oral histories of South Asians from the Chicagoland area who came to Illinois between 1945 and 1965
  • Health Research Initiative: Research collaboration with Illinois Department of Public Health on health access disparities for Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Illinois

SAAPRI is founded.