SAAPRI Fellows Lead Civic Engagement Workshop for American Association of Retired Asians

SAAPRI Fellows Anil Methipara and Anar Parikh presented on building power through civic engagement to a South Asian audience from the American Association of Retired Asians (AARA) on Monday, January 29. The program focused on national and state population trends of Asian and South Asian Americans (especially those over the age of 50) and how this translates into political power. This included the fact that the Asian American electorate had nearly doubled from 2000 to 2012 but still lags behind other groups in terms of voter registration rates and voting turnout. Members of AARA had an open discussion on their own voting patterns and the reasons South Asians do or do not vote. SAAPRI introduced data on the lack of outreach to South Asians and language access as significant barriers to engagement for many in the community. The program ended by highlighting the importance of being counted in the 2020 Census and its connection to guaranteed language access in elections, representation in government, and allocation of resources.

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