Paid Opportunity for Bilingual Citizens

Paid Opportunity for Bilingual Citizens

Paid Opportunity for Bilingual Citizens

UPDATE: Click here if you are interested in details about serving as an election judge in the the April 7, 2015 Chicago election.

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners is hiring bilingual individuals who speak Hindi, Gujarati, or Urdu. This is a paid opportunity to help South Asian community members gain access to the polls during the municipal elections on February 24, 2015.

Requirements include:

(1) U.S. citizenship,
(2) registered to vote in Cook County,
(3) residence in City of Chicago, and
(4) ability to speak English as well as either Hindi, Gujarati, or Urdu (ability to read Hindi is preferred but not required).

Bilingual college or graduate students are eligible to apply as well – be sure to ask for the student application form. Students must be U.S. citizens and registered to vote anywhere in the US.

Click here for details. To apply, click here or call 312-269-7990.

SAAPRI regularly advises local election boards and government agencies in implementing language access to limited English proficient community members. Please contact us if you are interested in other job opportunities available for bilingual individuals. Read this press release for more background about language assistance under the Voting Rights Act: “We encourage all South Asian Americans to help with this language assistance implementation, so that we can fully exercise our right to vote in the upcoming elections.”